Mugi is a Discord bot built on Discord.js for use in a few of my own servers. It's not a public bot right now and does a lot of specific things for my servers only.
This project was the first thing I did a few years ago to experiment with Javascript/Node.js and I've been actively working on it since, with the current version running right now being the seventh major release.


Mugi is not openly available to use right now, however if I ever get around to making it less server-specific then it might be.



Unreal Engine 4

Voloble is a ball rolling game where you roll the ball to the end of the level. That's it.
This was created during a few weeks of late 2019 where I spent time experimenting with Unreal Engine 4. It's not a complete game by any means so please don't expect much from it.


Below is gameplay recorded awhile ago to view

The project files for Voloble are available on my GitHub here

You can download a compiled version of Voloble for Windows, along with some other projects I experimented with. Of course, these are all UE4 games so you need at least a decently capable PC to play them.


Download - This is the main final version I compiled before I stopped experimenting.


Download - An earlier version of Voloble under a different name. Different levels entirely, and Mario Galaxy music for some reason.

Doggy Date

Download - This is both a shitpost, but also a test of a VN type thing. I made this while sleep deprived.

Dodge Test

Download - My first UE4 project that I had created. You're a box, you dodge.